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Riflusso, 2.0

The past is the present and the future’s no more
Where every tomorrow’s the same as before

Mada Masr su Regeni (Traduzione)

Gli inquirenti italiani hanno redatto una lista preliminare di nomi di persone coinvolte nell’omicidio dello studente italiano Giulio Regeni nel 2016 in Egitto, segnando una svolta fondamentale per questa vicenda. Una prima lista di 26 nomi è stata ridotta a 10 nomi di politici e ufficiali.

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“Is Socialism Just a Western, Eurocentric Concept?”

Let me give you an example from my own background: I was in the student Left in India … we were fighting … for equality and accessible education … and other larger problems … do I remember being charged with the idea that our fight for educational justice and workers’ rights was Western? That we were somehow ‘duped’ by Western thought? Actually I do remember, and that charge came from the Right, from the cultural Right. They were fine with capitalism, but socialism was Western.”

Nivedita Majumdar

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