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“Is Socialism Just a Western, Eurocentric Concept?”

Let me give you an example from my own background: I was in the student Left in India … we were fighting … for equality and accessible education … and other larger problems … do I remember being charged with the idea that our fight for educational justice and workers’ rights was Western? That we were somehow ‘duped’ by Western thought? Actually I do remember, and that charge came from the Right, from the cultural Right. They were fine with capitalism, but socialism was Western.”

Nivedita Majumdar

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Tea Party: un movimento popolare?

The Billionaire’s Tea Party, precedentemente noto come (Astro) Turf Wars, è un documentario sulle presunte origini grass roots del Tea Party realizzato da Taki Oldham. Read the rest of this entry »

Graeber, l’Idea e #OWS

Almost every time I’m interviewed by a mainstream journalist about Occupy Wall Street I get some variation of the same lecture: Read the rest of this entry »